Meet Our Team

Aanchal Gulati


DRE# 02180960

Aanchal has a background in Supply Chain. She is sincere , hardworking and committed to making sure her clients receive value. Her perception of Real Estate is leading people to living their dream life, hence she is patient , listens and understands the needs of the client and is passionate towards delivering that. Her goal is to have satisfied and loyal clients by delivering them what they need in the best way.

Anthony Parker


DRE# 01174519

Anthony is a Bay Area Realtor with 26 years of experience who provides the highest level of satisfaction for his clients. With great attention to detail and service he will preform above and beyond your expectations. Aside from conventual Real Estate sales Anthony also has experience with short sales, REOs, investors, multi residential and more. Anthony has worked with a diverse group of clients from many different cultures and back grounds and is friendly and passionate about what he does. His clients can always be assured of premium service and professionalism.

Ben Chahal


DRE# 02082521

Ben Chahal is a local of San Jose for over 40 years. Graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Marketing. Started his career in sales/client support in the high tech sector. Learned early in his career his passion of helping individuals and small business while being employed by Kaiser Permanente. His successes in the medical insurance industry allowed for investment opportunities in the real estate industry. Has 20+ years as an investor and home-owner in the Bay Area and Central Valley Real estate markets. Bens drive to help others has allowed others to thrive in the real estate. His insightful recommendations have enabled buyers and sellers to reach their real estate goals. Ben’s successes are primarily due to his consultative approach. He is a good listener and makes needs-based recommendations.

Demphina Ogutu


DRE# 01349842

Service. Professionalism. Understanding. Diversity If you are looking for a Realtor® who is an exceptional facilitator, negotiator and has patience and dedication, Demphina is excited to work with you! Demphina has been in the real estate business for 15 years and specializes in working with clients at every price point. She has personally represented high-end multi-million plus clients; clients buying and selling land, mobile homes and more. She is highly knowledgeable about the local market and can guide you to think outside of the box when looking at properties. She is an excellent listener who values all of her clients regardless of the price point of their real estate transaction.  Some of Demphina's awards and accomplishments include a degree in Business Administration and a certificate in product and project management and designing and implementing a client appreciation program as part of her business model. Prior to real estate, Demphina was a project coordinator for a connector company. In her past career as a project coordinator, she enjoyed being the person that helped her team and other departments work smoothly and efficiently. She feels that the experience helped her as a Realtor® because a major part of her job is to be a coordinator and the person that makes things happen; it involves working with vendors, other agents and clients. In addition to real estate, Demphina volunteers at Loaves & Fishes and Mother's Demand Action. Also, Demphina is a marathon runner and loves the outdoors.

Derrick Chao


DRE# 02109892

Derrick is a Bay Area native who is passionate about finding you your forever home. With his extensive background in customer service he provides quick and clear answers to any questions you may have. He understands that buying a house is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, so when you work with him, you will get his undivided attention from start to finish. He also speaks Mandarin

Eddie Grassi

Real Estate Broker Associate

NMLS#: 01297351

Eddie Grassi holds a BA in English from Santa Clara University and an MA in English from San Jose State University. He also holds a real estate broker's license. Eddie grew up in San Jose in a neighborhood called the Rose Garden where he became fascinated with the beautiful array of homes surrounding a rose garden in the middle. "I used to go for walks down University Avenue just to get a glimpse of these magnificent mansions. I would often stop to imagine what the inside of the house was like and try to imagine myself looking out the window at where I stood on the sidewalk," says Eddie. Now, many years later, it seems only fitting that Eddie Grassi is a real estate broker at Westbrook Realty. What's thrilling to Eddie is showing homes and literally holding the keys to somebody's future. It's a big responsibility but one he relishes. One thing Eddie is really good at is helping people discern what they want in a home using visualizing techniques and mindfulness practices which help people to think clearly. It's a cliche, but a lot of this excitement for the buying and selling of homes comes from the desire to help a person realize their dreams. "Most exciting is being there at the front-lines when it happens. When I get to say 'Yes, your offer was accepted.'" After living in the Bay Area for many years, you come to realize just how special a place this is," says Eddie and why so many people want to live here.

Gurvinder Singh


DRE# 02095272

Gurvinder Singh is an electrical engineer. He has 30 years of experience in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. He was also involved in the maintenance of multi-story buildings and office buildings. His motto is complete customer satisfaction with honesty, faithfulness, and integrity. If you are looking to buy a single-family home/townhouse/condominium/office building, you have come to the right person who would guide you through every step whether technical/administrative/code. Feel free to contact him if you need more information.

Hope Rinenberg


DRE# 02070107

Hope Rinenberg has over 10 years of experience in finance (USA). But some time ago, her goal was to work in the Real Estate industry. Hope is an honest and responsible real estate agent who is very motivated to do her best to give her clients maximum satisfaction. Sociability, punctuality, ambition, hard work and dedication are only part of her merits. If you are selling your home and need someone to advertise your home, show potential buyers, negotiate a purchase, arrange financing, supervise inspections, complete all necessary paperwork and oversee the closing process Hope can take care of everything you need from start to finish. Come, fall in love with your new home, make an offer and live happily ever after.

Huiying Zhu


DRE# 02106695

Huiying’s priority is to make her clients happy. She listens to her clients’ requirements and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction and she strives to ensure that the buying or selling process is fun, easy, and stress-free. Seeing the happy faces of the clients is her happiness. Huiying grew up in China and earned her MS and Ph.D. in engineering in the US. She is the founder of a cosmetics formulation company and can always provide works that meet her client’s needs. Her extensive background equipped her with excellent communication skills, creative problem solving, detailed market analysis, and a wealth of knowledge. She promises to provide thoughtful and customized service to her clients. If you are buying or selling a home, call Huiying for a premium real estate service.

Jelena Gapasin


DRE# 02007712

Originally from Riga Latvia, Jelena is an experienced and highly motivated real estate agent who is truly committed to helping clients achieve their real estate goals and dreams. She started in 2016 and has truly enjoyed growing her client base. As a resident of Silicon Valley, she understands the unique market conditions and challenges when it comes to buying or selling a home in the Bay Area. Whether you are looking for an investment property or your dream home, she stays up to date with the latest market trends and programs to provide her clients the best options. She is fluent in Russian and English. When Jelena is not working with clients, she likes to travel with family and spend time with her 2 Australian Shepherds.

Jim Le


DRE# 02100221

Jim is Vietnamese-American, born and raised in San Jose, CA by hard working immigrant parents. Growing up in a big, tight knit family, his parents persistently instilled values of hard work, great work ethic, determination and dedication to all aspects of life. These traits have since been ingrained into Jim's school and work ethic especially. Jim holds a degree in business marketing from San Jose State University. Wanting to utilize his marketing skills taught in school in addition to his passion for real estate, he pursued the career of a realtor. Jim's desire and drive to help others find happiness further sealed the deal on becoming a realtor. He enjoys helping others, especially when it comes to achieving their dreams and goals in life. His keen eye for attention to detail and his pursuit to satisfy customers makes him your ideal realtor. If you want a smooth, efficient, successful experience in finding your dream home, please do not hesitate to give Jim a call and tell him about yourself and how he can make your dreams become a reality.

Jose Abraham Santiago Ramos


DRE# 02177436

Jose began as a filmer for Westbrook Realty but after spending the majority of his time with the top producers from the company and seeing their relentless persistence and success in the business, he decided to drop everything in order to learn firsthand how to make seemingly impossible goals a reality. His highest priority in this Real Estate and in Life is to continue learning and applying what he's learned from those at the top. Knowing full well how much work this means he will have to put in, Jose is a proud member of Westbrook Realty and is eager to work long hours in order to turn your dream home into a reality :) #MontageGroup

Karina Villanueva


DRE# 02150779

Karina Villanueva is a highly motivated real estate agent, who genuinely cares about her clients needs and helping them succeed with their real estate affairs. Karina values transparency and honesty with her clients. She is committed to making the buying and/or selling process as stress-free as possible by keeping open communication. She values clients over all else, and stays committed to keeping their best interest in mind. Her passion for helping others led her to pursue a Bachelors in psychology from California State University, Monterey Bay. Her background has prepared her with the skills necessary for problem-solving, time management, and professionalism. She aims to provide her clients with the knowledge and guidance necessary to make one of the most important financial decisions of their lives. Karina is fluent in Spanish and aims to serve the Spanish-speaking community with the same quality of service.

Lana Miles


DRE# 02054867

Lana is very ambitious, passionate, driven, enthusiastic, hard-working, and unstoppable on the way to accomplishing her goals. All of these characteristics led her to pursue a career in Real Estate. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor, Lana provides top-level service to all of her clients. She understands exactly her customers’ needs and goes above and beyond to find it. With her experience in New Developments in the Bay Area, Lana brings a unique value to her clients. Her down-to-earth approach and easygoing personality turn the whole process into a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Liubov Westbrook

Realtor / Marketing Director

DRE# 02073218

Liubov is working in real estate industry since 2015. She provides interior designer services, real estate services and currently she is the head of Westbrook Realty Marketing Department. Liubov is responsible for adding visual support to training tools for the agents and staff, as well as marketing materials for the clients. Besides that Liubov is responsible for the content and organization of company Weekly Meetings. Liubov speaks English and Russian.

Marianna Chumakova

Transaction Coordinator


Marianna is a certified transaction coordinator, who has over 3 years experience in Bay Area Real Estate Market. She is very purposeful, open minded, attentive to details and knows almost everything about specific nuances of real estate transactions. She successfully coordinates the whole process from A to Z. She does her best for smooth transactions within given timeframes.

Nikita Pavlov


DRE# 02115041

I live in Campbell California and work as a real estate agent at Westbrook Realty. I enjoy weight lifting and going to the gym, staying fit is a huge part of my life. I enjoy traveling as well as hiking and going into nature as much as I can. I love investing and studying about how to create wealth in as many different ways as possible. I also love animals any kind really but in my heart I am definitely a dog person for sure.

Reina Menezes


DRE# 01888182

As a full-service REALTOR with a lot of experience, Reina will guarantee to make the process smooth by offering the assistance and resources required for every transaction. She is sincere, hard-working, organized, open-minded and learns from her mistakes. At Westbrook Realty she provides a technologically advanced marketing program uniquely designed for your property. Reina has a knowledgeable, experienced, and professional support team to ensure all paperwork, deadlines, progress reports and terms are met. Developing a lasting relationship with her clients is of the most important. Whether you are thinking of buying, investing, relocating or selling, Reina is here to team with you. She will work relentlessly to provide a smooth transaction.

Shaista Basheeruddin


DRE# 02121468

Shaista F. is a bay area resident. She grew up in the Middle East and was brought up in an environment of great diversity. On completing her Bachelors in Civil Engineering, in 2018, she kickstarted her career endeavor with a known Structural Engineering firm in the Bay area. Pursuing the path of Real Estate gives her a chance to help her clients and future buyers with a much secure home buying process. She renders the best quality of service for her clients with accurate market comparisons, known facts and her structural engineering knowledge in helping her clients choose the best home that combines not only desirability, durability but also the complete satisfaction of clients in their real property investment. Her lingo is “Perseverance is key to hedge against difficulties”. She believes in “doing today rather tomorrow, if one strives for a bright future to borrow”.

Sukhraj Sandhu


DRE# 02165929

Raj is a hardworking, dedicated agent who provides top-of-the-line service to all his clients. He commits to delivering nothing short of a stress-free client/agent relationship. He believes all the stress of a transaction should fall on the agent’s shoulders, while you, the buyer/seller, are able to peacefully go on about their day-to-day life. Raj is originally from the Central Valley, he was born and raised in Manteca. He enjoys working out, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends. But above all else, Raj has a strong passion for the world of business. Ever since a child, he has been fascinated with the world of business and finance. This is what led to him becoming an agent at Westbrook Realty. Along with several years of customer service, Raj knows he can provide clients with anything they need. Whether that is help finding you your forever home or being a personal therapist when you need to vent, whatever you need, Raj will be there!

Taghried Zeid


DRE# 01351399

Taghried has an engineering and sales background. She is highly motivated and committed to do what is needed to exceed her client’s expectations. Taghried is passionate about helping her clients achieve their real estate goals and dreams. Taghried strives to demonstrate the highest level of integrity, transparency, and commitment to her clients.

Thu To


DRE# 02161743

Thu has a B.S. degree in Business Management & Marketing from San Jose State University and has experience working in the service industry for over 9 years. Her #1 priority focuses on customer satisfaction, so she always strives to fully understand clients’ needs and find ways to deliver on their objectives. She loves working with people and finds it rewarding to see people satisfied though their expressed appreciation. She genuinely cares about her clients and only wants what’s best for them. In order to better service her clients, she continues to develop her skill set and self-educate, so that she can stay fully alert on new market trends, this way she can use her knowledge to provide value-added services to her clients. She also has a background in real estate investment, so are investors welcome.

Victoria Abramova


DRE# 02169166

Born and raised in cold Siberia, Victoria’s travel enthusiasm brought her to New York over 9 years ago. Always seizing the new opportunities she relocated to Bay Area to grow and develop her business in the construction industry. Helping people to improve their homes ultimately led her to Real Estate where she was welcomed into Westbrook Family! Victoria’s experience in construction and remodeling coupled with her knowledge in Real Estate has provided her with valuable skills that she uses daily to suit her customer’s needs. Her recipe for successful business relationships is built on communication, dedication, and transparency even in the most challenging situations! She earns the respect of her clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering candid advice.

Wesley Craig Jr.


DRE# 02114426

Wesley is an excited and eager Real Estate Agent who is highly motivated to do whatever it takes to bring ultimate satisfaction to his clients. His passion for helping others and his driven and energetic personality helps him make real connections to better understand his client's housing needs and wants. Wesley is known for his positive attitude and his prior sales experience gives him the confidence to provide premium service. He is motivated by providing service with care, offering genuine guidance, and giving his clients the experience they deserve, which always leaves them with a smile. With his competitive edge and attitude, he is sure to win your business and he vows to go above and beyond to make your housing dreams come true.

Yulia Kostina


DRE# 02145494

Yulia has a true joy of real estate and loves helping change people’s lives for the better. Yulia is currently a Menlo Park resident. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business Management. As a proud member of the Westbrook Realty family, Yulia carries the values of hard work, responsiveness, honesty, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything she does. A top reason she chose real estate is that she is fascinated by it. With a passion for service in the Peninsula and surrounding areas. Yulia is ready to help with your home buying and selling needs.

Yuliia Maliuk


DRE# 02031576

Yuliia has been in real estate since 2017. She is a self-motivated and hardworking person with a positive attitude towards career and life. Yuliia can help customers making home buying and selling experience pleasurable and convenient by building relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. She loves helping people realize their dreams. Please contact Yuliia anytime.

Yurii Lavrentiev


DRE# 02103193

Yurii is highly organized, efficient, personable and able to deliver consistently high results for customers. With 10 years of experience in the legal field of customers' assets protection, Yurii believes his skills and background help clients to achieve a stress-free transaction. Yuri listens to clients and puts his fiduciary duty above all other interests. He is deeply confident that building relationships based on trust and respect is the best way to succeed. Yurii speaks Russian, Ukrainian and Polish. Please contact Yurii anytime!

Zarina Sultan


DRE# 02086494

Zarina is a sincere, hard-working and detail oriented person with strong organizational skills. As a customer service professional with over 15 years of experience she sets client satisfaction and building long-term win-win relationships as her main goal. You’ll find working with her that she truly listens and has a particular interest in ensuring you are fully satisfied with the overall experience.

Zuhra Arakeri

Realtor, Certified Real Estate Divorce Sales Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist

DRE# 02097171

Zuhra’s background is in Law, International Relations, and Software Engineering (USA). But her dream was always doing Real Estate. Her expertise is serving people and doing best for her clients. Zuhra does not rely only on traditional methods of how real estate is done. She is focused on the future. She believes in communication, relationships, and digital marketing! Zuhra loves to educate You before You take a step towards Purchase or Sale. She never stops educating herself to be different - according to the time we live in, learns marketing, and do things effectively. Buying or selling a home is stressful! Zuhra will make sure that she will solve everything that she can - that's her responsibility. Whether it's protecting her Company as a lawyer or protecting her Clients, for her, it's all about finding win-win solutions so that everyone succeeds. Her Mission statement - Help and Serve people! Put a smile on their faces.

Vladimir Westbrook


DRE# 01990912

Vladimir Westbrook started his real estate career with 18 transactions the first year at the job. From the beginning, he was attracted by the new developments around the Bay Area, CA. Working with major and local developers Vladimir was able to establish strong connections that helped hundreds of families, working with him, find their new homes. After becoming a local new developments expert, Vladimir launched a company known as Westbrook Realty and entered his new role as the Broker. Recognized as a Top Three Agents in Santa Clara, CA by Three Best Rated, Star On The Rise by Real Producers Magazine, Featured Cover Agent by Top Agent Magazine, presented with Excellence in Client Services Award by Homesnap, and with over a hundred online reviews, Vladimir is always striving to excel in his service and exceed clients' expectations. Together, Vladimir and his agents are setting a new standard for real estate service by delivering innovative marketing strategies and a personalized approach to every customer they engage with. With agents all over the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, Westbrook Realty is on a mission to make the complex simple and to maximize the profitability of the real estate assets of their clients.

We Value People, Property, and Places

MISSION: Continually evolving, our mission is to co-create new values for people, the community, and their lifestyles. Being responsive to social needs, we empower our agents under a high-performance culture to deliver exemplary service to our community. Westbrook Realty makes the complex simple as we pioneer the promise of the future in real estate. 

VISION: Our endeavor is to build a company that manages the economic resources in the form of real estate in the most efficient way. To become a bridge and not a wall between the clients and their home, thereby helping them live fulfilled lives. We seek to maximize the profitability of the real estate assets of our clients. 

Bringing New Values to Society 

Presenting a fresh take on the traditional real-estate method while retaining some of the good old values, Westbrook Realty creates endless opportunities for our agents to function with greater efficiencies. We are at the forefront of exploring and developing our capabilities, bringing together clients and agents to push boundaries and take real estate to a new level. 

Keeping Real Estate Real For You 

We are a young agency with expert and dynamic professionals. Striving for excellence in everything we do, we are not just a real estate firm but a lifestyle company that connects today with tomorrow’s possibilities within real estate. Our flexible approach coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of the company produces continued results for our clients.

Westbrook Realty offers a number of property-based services including selling, buying, mortgage consulting, financial services, property investments, valuation of property, rental property management, and relocation services. We specialize in sales of new developments across the Bay Area, concentrating on Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Alameda Counties. We have a vast, regularly updated Database of New Developments outside of MLS. 

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